SIGN: For a $15/H federal minimum wage


Canadians are working harder than ever and they are tired of being told to settle for less.

Canadian families deserve fair wages and decent living standards. Therefore, we must restore a federal minimum wage and increase to $15/H.

Our proposal to raise the minimum wage represents a concrete step against the rising income inequalities and improve the wage standards for workers across the country.

Follow the example of Alexandre Boulerice and sign the petition to give Canadians a raise

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  • Robert Reeves
  • All work no matter how menial, needs to be adequately compensated.
  • Boyce Richadson
  • Probably some small business employers will balk at this so resistance from ‘parties of big business’ (i.e. those currently in power) will need to be persuaded by a big NDP turnout, eh?
  • kat Tannock