Another liberal MP tied to tax havens : The NDP is demanding answers

OTTAWA — As another liberal MP finds himself in hot water today for his link to tax havens, New Democrat MPs are demanding answers once and for all about this trend among members of Justin Trudeau’s government.


“After Finance Minister Bill Morneau, here’s another liberal that has sat on a board of directors with links to tax havens. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that the Liberals have zero credibility in the fight against the scourge of tax havens. There can't be one set of rules for the wealthy and well connected, and a different set of rules for everyone else. We’re really supposed to believe them when they say they’re going to take care of the problem? We want answers today,” demanded the NDP’s Ethics critic, Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont—La-Petite-Patrie).

It was recently revealed that the Liberal MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, François-Philippe Champagne, was the administrator of a company with a shareholder living in a known tax haven. Moreover, Bionest (the company in question) received several public contracts at the municipal level.

“I have to say that it’s totally disappointing, but not at all surprising given the Liberal Party’s history,” added Pierre-Luc Dusseault (Sherbrooke), NDP critic for National Revenue. “Citizens are looking for a real reform of our fiscal laws and rules, not just good intentions. From this standpoint, this liberal government is not at all up to task to deliver the goods — they need to start by cleaning the skeletons out of their own closets first.”

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