Ask the government to withdraw Bill C-10


Mr. Trudeau,

you were very proud to show yourself with the workers of Aveos in front of parliament in 2012 to denounce the Conservative government and their lack of courage in enforcing the law on the Air Canada Public Participation Act.

Since you became Prime Minister, you have decided to abandon the workers of Aveos and renege on your word.

I ask the government to withdraw Bill C-10

The Air Canada Public Participation Act passed in 1988, sets the conditions under which the federal government privatized the company. Article 6.1 provides that Air Canada must "maintain the maintenance and overhaul centres in Winnipeg and Mississauga and the Montreal Urban Community.

By amending the Air Canada Act, the government is making layoffs that were illegal now legal.

Now that you are in power, we will judge you by your actions and not just your words.




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