Attacks against workers must stop!

Since being elected, the Harper government has targeted the labor movement. According to Harper, a strong economy is built with low paying jobs and by leaving workers at the mercy of their employers. Just remember:

-          The changes brought to EI, which drastically limited access to benefits.

-          The reform program for temporary migrant workers, which limited the duration of their permit to 4 years.

-          Bill C-377 which requires unions to publicly disclose the use of their funds.

-          Bill C-525 which seeks to restrict the right of workers to organize themselves and to have a union.

-          The loss of 400,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Not to mention the Canadian Pacific labor dispute last winter that went to the brink of a special law to force employees to return to work. The Conservatives have a bad tendency of silencing workers by limiting their rights to strike and to organize themselves.

Attacks against workers must stop!

The Conservative Government must cease its attacks. Join Alexandre Boulerice, official spokesperson on labor, in his efforts to defend the right to choose freely and without repercussions to join a union.

We must oppose any attempts to modify, unilaterally and without prior consultation, the Canadian Labour Code and to decrease living and working conditions.

It is essential that all citizens receive adequate support during a job loss.

Add your voice to ours; together we can do things differently. 

GOAL: 10,000 signatures

Will you sign?

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  • U have my full support.
  • Sign the petition: Attacks against workers must stop!
  • We need to end the government forcing employees back to work off a strike. Above all if our government wants to force union workers back to work then they should financially penalize employers deeply and increasingly for every employee they are found to have wrongly terminated. also be forced to cover all expenses and costs the employee and union have had to put out to return a employee to work. We need to focus on getting employers who run their company by the means of fear based ways. When you work for an employer who will fire you and use the company funds to fight you from getting your job back when you clearly should, fight you for months and years just because they have the money too. Employers who give you a list of infractions such as having a coffee / water bottle / any drink during morning meeting and a number of other infractions that you could do that will lead on first offence to write up, second five day suspension, leading up to termination upon a fifth infraction. Infractions such as not having a boot lace tied, drinking a water, making a comment to a fellow co-worker, and your first could be any of the infractions and any of the listed infractions committed after the first one is a five day suspension and so on.
  • Sign the petition: Attacks against workers must stop!
  • Only the very rich and the extremely poor. And here i thought this was the 21st century !

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