C525: Conservatives want to shove it down our throats

Yesterday, the Conservatives changed the legislative calendar to get a speedy adoption of Bill C-525. This Wednesday, their will be an hour of debate that could lead to another vote confirming the conservative economic strategy built on low-paid jobs.

Until now, Minister of Labour Kellie Leitch was silent and made a backbencher do the dirty work. There is still time to hold her accountable and tell her to vote against this bill that guts democratic freedom in workplaces across Canada.

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After Bill C-377 and the program of temporary migrant workers, another anti-worker bill was presented by a Conservative MP. Blaine Calkins introduced Bill C-525 which is designed to restrict the ability of workers to organize. In committee we were able to adopt a series of amendments which subtracts the most odious parts of the bill. But, the fact remains that this bill must be defeated.

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Alexandre Boulerice
NDP MP for Rosemont - La Petite -Patrie
Official criticism of the work

PS. The best way to stop these attacks against workers is to change government... Donate $5 or more to help me and the NDP become the first progressive government in history in 2015.

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