Sign my petition : Canada must be a voice for peace

The Conservatives, instead of sending help for a large-scale relief effort for victims of the conflict in Iraq, are sending weapons to play war alongside the Americans.

Canada has just completed its engagement in Afghanistan.

What was at first supposed to be, a short and limited mission, was the longest operation, where our soldiers were deployed, in our history.

-12 years
-More than 40,000 veterans of that war.
-160 Dead.
-Thousands Injured.
-Thousands Others who suffer from post-traumatic syndrome.

It is time that the voices of peace are heard. Canada should be among those voices.

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  • Sign the petition: Canada must be a voice for peace
  • Sign the petition: Canada must be a voice for peace
  • Like to start with this… “Setting people to spy on one another is not the way to protect freedom.”

    Tommy Douglas

    and this quote.. Miss you Jack…

    “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.” -Jack Layton


    The right-wing Canadian government wasted no time in seizing on the incident to promote its fear-mongering agenda over terrorism, which includes pending legislation to vest its intelligence agency, CSIS, with more spying and secrecy powers in the name of fighting ISIS. A government spokesperson asserted “clear indications” that the driver “had become radicalized.”" Another Orwellian double speak word that is loaded and a total main stream media propaganda tool… “Radicalized” !!!! The real “State Terrorist” is the Tories and their puppet Harper…

    In my opinion the Canadian military to stay out of the conflict in the middle east with the “mercenaries” who are masquerading as Islamic Jehad. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a Canadian who researches the truth and works to dissolve the common misconceptions of the Main stream media (propaganda from the corporatocracy), governments and the social media groups and bloggers. One common one often propagated is that Osama Bin Laden created " al Qaeda". This is a erroneous bit of propaganda that is used as part of the misinformation that is out there. Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary in the UK from 1997–2001, believed the CIA had provided arms to the Arab Mujaheddin, including Osama bin Laden, writing, "Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. In addition, the CIA used the Al Qaeda name which was a list of the Mujaheddin trained by the CIA. One thing you can be sure is that we may have to do more investigation and research to find out the whole truth.

    As in the case of Saddam Houssain (please click on Link if you are not informed on these facts, many Canadians are.) who was funded by the USA and trained by the CIA, and their involvement did not created peace in the area and resulted in the deaths of both our soldiers and thousands of innocent women and children and destroyed once developed countries infrastructure to perpetuate them to remain undeveloped and resentful for our involvement in the destruction. We need to start creating peaceful solution, and not creating problems, creating a public reaction, and then bringing in a predetermined solution. I don’t consent to my tax dollars being used to these actions which could lead to another war in the region. I do mandate that you use my tax dollars to start looking at protecting our natural resources and environment by ending our dependence on fossil fuels by using alternative energy sources like geothermal, wind, wave, and passive solar energy. Supporting local Canadian companies and entrepreneurs who can put Canada in the lead in this clean alternative technology and develop a sustainable industries and long term jobs for Canadians.

    In my opinion I think it is despicable that the Tories and Harper are set to yet again use a tragic event to try and destroy the freedoms we are all born with. This play book has been used by the elite Bankster families to control and justify taking the liberty away just as they did in the USA. I may not have money to contribute but I have my voice and 1000’s of FB and Twitter followers who I will encourage to support the NDP’s values of Peace and liberty…

    In Lak ’esh,

  • Because there have been so many violations of procedure and law by the Harper Government, and because it has no popular vote mandate and is just a usurper based on the existing obviously dysfunctional fascist voting system currently used in Canada, the Harper Government has no legitimate mandate, much less any moral authority. That these so-called christians choose war over humane options merely highlights their hypocrisy and proves their lack of moral authority. If the Canadian military incurs any deaths, this decision by the Harper Government is tantamount to premeditated murder on the part of a rogue enclave, and they should be held accountable for it as a war crime if nothing else.

    They have an option to “turn the other cheek” and by choosing to behave morally, to show ISIS (or whatever they are being called these days) that the “western democratic” way is superior, not just a bigger bully. By their actions, the Harper Gov’t merely confirms what the ISIS recruits have decided for themselves with regard to the level of morality being demonstrated by the big money puppet machine. By choosing this path, the Harper Government just puts all Canadians in more harm’s way, another violation of their obligations to the rights of people of this nation.
  • No War!
  • Sign the petition: Canada must be a voice for peace
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  • Sign the petition: Canada must be a voice for peace
  • Sign the petition: Canada must be a voice for peace
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  • Sign the petition: Canada must be a voice for peace
  • Mr. Harper, we used to be a country known for our peacekeepers and humantarian ways. Since your government has been in power,you have stripped this country of all that was good.

    Do the right thing, please do not be a flunky to the Americans and enter into this battle that will probably drag on for years.

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