Gaza: mutual destruction is not the solution, peace is.


In the last days weeks, the voices of war have taken over in Israel and Palestine. After years of suffering from occupation and blockade, the civilian population of Gaza has now to endure the constant pounding of missiles. Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, over 170 Palestinians 1767 Palestinians (The fatalities include: 431 minors (one minor participated in the hostilities), 200 women, 85 senior citizens, Initial findings indicate that 172 of the people killed participated in the hostilities. Updated: August 25th. Source: B'Tselem) have been killed and over 1100 injured 4030 injured (July 23rd).  The overwhelming majority of the casualties being civilians. Preliminary reports say that a mosque and a hospital were partially destroyed. Some hospitals, schools and mosques have been bombarded. Complete neighbourhoods have been destroyed by the bombings (July 26th) 

Over 800 rockets and mortar 3500 rockets and mortar (August 25th) shells have been fired from Gaza and aimed at the civilian population of Israel. Sirens have since become a daily routine in practically all parts of Israel. People need to take cover in bomb shelters often many times a day. Most of the rockets were, so far, intercepted in mid air by a counter measure system called Iron Dome or have fallen in open areas. No deaths have occurred to this day 64 deaths has occurred to this day, 61 of them being soldiers involved in the ground operations (Updated: August 25th Source: B'Tselem) and a few hundred people hundreds of people (July 18th) have been treated for injuries, most of them for shock.

The deafening sound of missiles and rockets must stop. The civilian population deserve quiet and security. There is only one solution to achieve this for both Palestinians and Israelis: putting an end to the occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza and to negotiate in good faith. 

It's about time that the voices of peace be heard again. Canada should be among those voices.

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  • Shame on Harper for blindly supporting the killing of innocent children!
  • Because I CARE !
  • Good to see an NDP MP taking a stand.
  • Ending the Israeli apartheid, illegal occupation, and oppression of Palestine is a necessary first step in negotiating a meaningful peace. So long as one side is under the boot of the other, there can be no good faith negotiation.
  • Bravo
  • 2 wrong does not make ONE right.
  • Peace must be achieved as every life is worth saving. Please Mr. Boulerice call for an immediate truce and work towards peace.
  • Protecting innocent civilian life in Gaza and Israel should be our priority. Canada should join the UN and the US in calling for a cease-fire in the region.
  • Thank you so much for speaking up for peace and justice.
  • Sign the petition on #Gaza: mutual destruction is not the solution, peace is. #cdnpoli #israel
  • BDS against Israel!
  • Thank you to speaking out! War crimes! There is no path to peace, peace is the way!
  • Where is Mulcair on this? I support this call, but I cannot suppot the NDP while it rejects potential candidates on the basis of their criticism of Israel. My 35 years of NDP support are coming to an end while the party cowers before pro-Israeli interests and Mulcair’s twisted take on this issue!

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