Gaza: mutual destruction is not the solution, peace is.


In the last days weeks, the voices of war have taken over in Israel and Palestine. After years of suffering from occupation and blockade, the civilian population of Gaza has now to endure the constant pounding of missiles. Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, over 170 Palestinians 1767 Palestinians (The fatalities include: 431 minors (one minor participated in the hostilities), 200 women, 85 senior citizens, Initial findings indicate that 172 of the people killed participated in the hostilities. Updated: August 25th. Source: B'Tselem) have been killed and over 1100 injured 4030 injured (July 23rd).  The overwhelming majority of the casualties being civilians. Preliminary reports say that a mosque and a hospital were partially destroyed. Some hospitals, schools and mosques have been bombarded. Complete neighbourhoods have been destroyed by the bombings (July 26th) 

Over 800 rockets and mortar 3500 rockets and mortar (August 25th) shells have been fired from Gaza and aimed at the civilian population of Israel. Sirens have since become a daily routine in practically all parts of Israel. People need to take cover in bomb shelters often many times a day. Most of the rockets were, so far, intercepted in mid air by a counter measure system called Iron Dome or have fallen in open areas. No deaths have occurred to this day 64 deaths has occurred to this day, 61 of them being soldiers involved in the ground operations (Updated: August 25th Source: B'Tselem) and a few hundred people hundreds of people (July 18th) have been treated for injuries, most of them for shock.

The deafening sound of missiles and rockets must stop. The civilian population deserve quiet and security. There is only one solution to achieve this for both Palestinians and Israelis: putting an end to the occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza and to negotiate in good faith. 

It's about time that the voices of peace be heard again. Canada should be among those voices.

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  • Sign the petition on #Gaza: mutual destruction is not the solution, peace is. #cdnpoli #israel
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  • Sign the petition on #Gaza: mutual destruction is not the solution, peace is. #cdnpoli #israel
  • We are NDP members and substantial donors. We are hugely dissatisfied with the federal leadership but have held our noses until now.

    We have joined the new, unstructured group, New Democrats for Fairness and Transparency, who are all both infuriated by the treatment of two nominees for this new Nanaimo/Ladysmith riding and deeply disaffected by Thomas Mulcair’s position on Israel/Palestine.
  • Sign the petition on #Gaza: mutual destruction is not the solution, peace is. #cdnpoli #israel
  • Shame on our government. They hopefully will find out too late that their policies do not reflect what the majority of Canadians believe.
  • Heureux de voir que le NPD prend cette position. Déçu que les médias n’enn font pas état (du moins ceux que je consulte).
  • As a Veteran of world war 2. War is hardest on the little children. I Can still see some of them 60 years later .please bring back PEACE.
  • It is appalling what the Conservatives are saying and doing. I strongly disagree with Israel and their tactics and I demand our gov’t do something to stop the killing of innocent civilians.
  • Children are dying as boys and their toys play at war.
  • It is so ultimately ironic that a nation that has been subject to a genocide is now doing the same to another nation. How could they not learn from their own horrible experience what it is like being a target of hatred and oppression.

    Violence only begets violence. Both sides need to move forward within a peaceful coexistence frame of thinking. The Palestinians need to have their own voice and place to live and the Israelis should respect that.
  • This is purely an act of genocide! why can’t government leaders see this!!!!!
  • Almost 30% more Palestinians then Israelis dead, sounds like a slaughter not a war.
  • Sign the petition on #Gaza: mutual destruction is not the solution, peace is. #cdnpoli #israel

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