Great success for our day of actions on Canada Post

To mobilize citizens about the importance of preserving the home delivery service of Canada Post, Alexander and NDP MPs organized a day of action last Saturday to talk about concrete measures proposed by the NDP and to get more signatures on our petition to stop the cuts. 

Help us fight against the cuts at Canada Posts by making a donation of $5 or more.

This operation of door knocking got thousands of new signatures for the petition against the cuts at Canada Post.

The end of the home service will create significant difficulties for people, especially for the elderly, people with disabilities and businesses. It is very disturbing that the Conservatives stand idly rather than force Canada Post to explore other options instead of just cut services and raise the price of stamps.

You can give us a helping hand for our next day of action by signing up here. 

If you are not able physically to help, you can help us fight against the cuts by making a small donation of $5 or more. As you might guess, a campaign across the country is a daunting task. 


In solidarity.

Alexandre Boulerice’s team

NDP MP for Rosemont - La Petite -Patrie

Responsible for the Canada Post file



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