Harper resigns! Read more:


Yep, unfortunately this is a joke. Harper is still at work with his conservative agenda. Even the panda he received as a gift from China is no longer able to bear it ...


But do not despair. We must work together to beat him in 2015. We must put forward a positive vision of politics. A vision of a society that values ​​the redistribution of wealth and sustainable development with a reinvestment in public transit. A vision of politics that as at heart the welfare of the population and not the big banks and oil companies.

It starts now! Can I count on you?

You change the course of history:

Donate $5 and give us the means to defeat him in 2015.

Happy April Fools day. And, if you want to extend the april fools day fun to your friends, share this on social networks.

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Team Alexandre Boulerice

NPD MP for Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie

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