Let’s continue the struggle for decent work

Since 2008, October 7 is the Global Day of Action for Decent Work. This is an opportunity to promote fair wages and decent working conditions. 

When I came back to the House of Commons, I filed a motion to establish a federal minimum wage of $15/hour. 


I'm proud to be elected under the banner of a party that proposes practical solutions to fight against inequality. 

On this world day for decent work, I’m asking you yo take action a more prosperous society. 

Make a contribution of $15 (actual cost of $3.75 after the tax credit) or more to give ourselves the means to win in 2015.

PS You can also sign our petition here: http://www.isupport-boulerice.org/add_your_name_to_give_canadians_a_raise


In solidarity, 

Alexandre Boulerice

NDP MP for Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie

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