Paper petition to stop service cuts at Canada Post

The House of commons requires that we table paper petitions. We need your help to obtain as much signatures has possible before the House reconvenes on January 27th. 

  1. PLEASE print the letter format or the legal format.
  2. Gather signatures from people you know. Make sure that ALL of the fields are filled.
  3. Send signed petitions to Alexandre Boulerice
    1. The address is written at the bottom of the petition
    2. YOU DON'T NEED TO PUT A STAMP. Sending mail to an MP is always free.
  4. To sign the electronic version, click here.
  5. In french:


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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
  • Government ignore the need of this service for seniors and the sick purely for greed.
  • I’m so damn disgusted with this faux govt! All they really want to do is to break the unions, then privatize the service – to help line the pockets of their buddies!!

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