Petition : Save workers investment funds

The conservative government decided to abolish the 15% tax credit for savings invested in Workers investment funds.

This measure will affect job creation and the retirement of many workers. Labour funds are important financial levers. They represent venture capital, an important source of funding for innovation. Even though, according to Deloitte, our venture capital sector is underdeveloped which causes our productivity to suffer, this measure contradicts the support for innovation that the Harper government announced barely 2 months ago.

The Conservatives know, however, how important labour funds are for economy: they enable us not only to maintain quality jobs in our regions, but also to create new ones. The Conservatives are attacking them only because they are linked to workers. It is a purely ideological decision, which is not based on thorough analysis. 

I oppose abolishing the 15% tax credit for workers investment funds

Thousands of jobs depend on those investments. It's the health of our economy that is at stakes.

I support Alexandre Boulerice, the NDP and workers investment funds in their campaign to stop this measure included in the 2013 conservative budget.

Will you sign?

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  • Leave us invest in our heavily taxed province so that at least we can save a little money…
  • Mr. Harper; The current problems around Senator Mr. M. Duffy are a disgrace for our country! Why do you not abbolish the Senate, as you had originally pleged you would be doing, when you were trying to form your government a few years back? The current situation sets a very bad example for our youth! If Senators can not live up to the law, how shall the young ones ever learn what is acceptable and what not!
  • Istrongly support the N D P on this issue.
  • cannot wait to be rid of those tories.
  • The conservatives are punishing Quebec for favoring the NDP in the last federal election. Abolishing the 15% tax credit won’t imp[rove their standing in Quebec.