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Our society is based on fundamental legal principles. One of those principles is that a victim can not make justice for itself.

We, MPs in the House of Commons, have been the victim of an attempted murder by what appears increasingly to be an isolated act of someone with psychological distress. We as MPs have the power to change laws. I firmly believe that in the case before us, we must make an extra effort to keep a cool head and have the interests of citizens at the center of our concerns. We must not upset the delicate balance between security and individual rights without a real social debate. We need to reflect on the tragedy that has occurred and avoid the temptation to drift to a paranoid security obsession.

We must not give in to fear. We should not act on the heat of the moment without a thorough reflexion and debate.

Tell me what you think about the events and what should come next:

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  • First of all, yes security on Parliament Hill should be reviewed to determine how an armed person made it all the way into the building and reasonable steps should be taken to ensure security in Parliament. But given what we now know, it seems to me we need to be looking at funding to improve mental health care in this country and take a look at improving gun control starting with bringing back the long gun registry.
  • Let’s not become like the USA, many of our soldiers lost their lives in the name of democracy and freedom and we shall fight for such, it is what makes our Country the envy of the world.
  • It is time government look at cause and not only the tool that cares out these act of hate and violent acts. It is important to have the supports in place for the people that are unstable and early interventions just as much at gun control or investigating tools. Need to take a big picture look are the issues. Why does someone not want to alien them self with there country and with a fanatical group. They do not feel they belong for the most part. There needs to be more done in the front end in prevention and lest in the middle.

    Jason McLoed
  • Calm heads should prevail. These acts should give rise to fear that will result in an over-reaction on the part of the government. I agree that there should be a thorough reflection and debate before any law is passed.
  • I think that we need to not be so complacent as a society and a government. The 80 or so radicals that CSIS is monitoring need to be rounded up and detained until such time as it has been proven that they do not pose a threat to Canada or any other country. If the law does not allow for this then create a law that will. As a law abiding non radical Canadian citizen I should not fear walking my streets or sending my children to school because of a handful of people who want to destroy the freedoms we enjoy in our beautiful country.
  • Its pretty clear that we need to put money and effort into mental health services not the police and lessening of civil liberties.
  • We don’t need more security and increased budgets for military, intelligence and police services. We need a seriously repaired social safety net, including services to prevent and treat mental illness. To prevent mental illness we need a national strategy to ensure Canadians have access to publicly funded community-based social services that decrease social isolation, increase housing security and relieves families from the stress that comes from lack of day care, lack of access to education, transit, jobs and so on. Instead, we are targeting certain groups (mainly brown-skinned people), beliefs and religions as being “other” and unacceptable (ie., Islam). And now we learn that for the most vulnerable populations – refugee claimants – the Harper government plans to block access to social services after having already denied them health care. Harper is a hard hearted man and he’s making our country a more dangerous place.

    I thought Tom Mulcair’s statement after the horrific incident in Ottawa was exactly what we needed to hear – and the kind of Canada he described is exactly what we need to strive for.
  • Soldiers like Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent regularly put their lives at risk to protect our rights and freedoms. It would be a travesty of everything they stood for to use their deaths to diminish those rights and freedoms in the name of “security”.
  • A debate is required for sure,sweeping changes to our freedoms in a democracy are a serious matter a need a thoughtful process not knee jerk reaction.The main culprut is the cutbacks on mental health care,and the people on the street that need instutional help.
  • Even if this was a psychologically disturbed individual, acting on his own, his intent was to use terror to drive home his ideology. Whether Canada is attacked by a crazed man or an organized terror group, we need to defend our freedoms, not tear them down. Otherwise those that wish to wage war on the fundamental beliefs of Canada, will win a battle that we had no chance to fight. Canadians need to strengthen our freedoms and defend them as if they were our borders.
  • Je partage votre point d vue qu’il faut agir avec une tête froide pour limiter les dérives. Il faudrait commencer par le registre des armes. Aussi les lois doivent etre revues. Elles protegent trop les accuses et font repasser un calvaire aux victimes. Ne faut-il pas d’abord voir ce que les conservateurs proposent avant de se prononcer?
  • I also believe it is too soon to changes the current laws.
  • We totally agree and have been afraid the Neo-cons in power would use this to curb democracy as suggested in Naomi Klein’s book Shock Doctrine
  • To me it seems rushed. Both of the shooters last week had mental health problems.

    We could work more on the mental health issue. It’s still not ok to kill another person.

    Did we listen to the warnings about these people? We need to work on that.
  • PASS THE DAMN BILL ASAP. We’ve had enough of this terrorism!!!!!!
  • Please do NOT make it harder to visit the house of commons, please do not begin spying on Canadians and please do not loosen guns laws or any crazy idea that would make our society more dangerous.

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