Stop service cuts at Canada Post

Instead of looking for ways to modernize operations, Canada Post and the Conservatives are taking an axe to long-treasured postal services – killing good jobs, eliminating home delivery, cutting rural post office hours and drastically increasing postage rates. 

6,000 to 8,000 workers will lose their jobs and five million households will lose home delivery over the next five years. Worse yet, no real consultation was done by Canada Post, effectively eliminating any opportunity for input from the people who will be most affected.

By cutting services, it is possible that Canada Post will drive away customers and raise the costs. Canada Post offers a public service that needs to be protected. 

I oppose the cuts to services recently announced by Canada Post

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  • Just poorly run from the top. Don’ know how to compete with commerce.
  • Goverment is not considering the aging population that cannot get out to get their mail in the hard winters that we experience.
  • We are Senior Citizens. I have Pulmonary Fibrosis, my wife has COPD and we live in a house in the middle of the block and it wou;d be difficult to walk to a corner box to pick up our mail.
  • Sign the petition: Stop service cuts at #CanadaPost via @alexboulerice #NDP #CDNpoli
  • This is a travesty, especially for those seniors that still live in their homes and have disabilities. When we have a winter like last year’s, it would be an impossibility to get one’s mail.
  • Please do not eliminate the Canada Post door to door delivery, it is one of the best old Canadian services that is still serving the nation.
  • stop harper from wrecking this country
  • So many people are complaining about going to Community Mail Boxes. Call your MP’s and complain directly to them
  • Stop cutting Jobs!!!! Keep door to door mail!!!
  • Steps should be taken to improve the services provided by Canada Post – not curtail or eliminate them.
  • Sign the petition: Stop service cuts at #CanadaPost via @alexboulerice #NDP #CDNpoli
  • We need out public delivery service!
  • Harper has to go before he destroys Canada completely or sells us to China!
  • Sign the petition: Stop service cuts at #CanadaPost via @alexboulerice #NDP #CDNpoli
  • Sign the petition: Stop service cuts at #CanadaPost via @alexboulerice #NDP #CDNpoli
  • The idea of abolishing door-to-door mail delivery is absurd and needs to be stopped!
  • Sign the petition: Stop service cuts at #CanadaPost via @alexboulerice #NDP #CDNpoli
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