The Conservatives are at it again with anti-worker bill!

Conservative MP Blaine Calkins introduced Bill C-525 that restrict the ability of workers to be part of a union.

Bill C-525, as Bill C-377, reveals the Conservative economic strategy based on bad jobs and lower wages. 

Highlights of the bill include: 

▪ A substantial increase in the number of membership cards to sign to set in motion the process of union membership.

▪ Forcing a mandatory vote, leaving workers vulnerable to the influence and intimidation of employers.

▪ An absolute majority of workers who want to join and not only those who participate in the voting.

We in the NDP, believe that workers should have the unhindered right to join a union. We believe they should be encouraged to come together to improve their working conditions and not, as suggested by the Conservatives, be isolated and left to themselves. We in the NDP believe in democracy in the workplace.

To sign the petition on Bill C-525, click here.

To read the bill, click here.

Will you sign?

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  • I am a proud member and representative of Teamsters Canada Rail Conference and strongly support every canadian’s right to have union representation for better working conditions, wages, and benefits.

    Our Union brothers and sisters of early years fought hard, some with their lives, to improve working conditions in Canada. It is because of their efforts the Canada Labour Code was established. Lets unite together to keep these rights.
  • This is another attack on workers rights. Worker need to do what ever it takes to stop Bill C-525
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