The Conservatives will do anything to pass their anti-worker bill

The Conservatives have once again used parliamentary tricks to fast-forward the adoption of the anti-worker Bill C- 525. Yesterday, we learned that the second hour of debate will be held Tuesday, April 8 at 6PM. The final vote will take place  next Wednesday, April 9 at 6PM.

The good news is that we have managed to force the inclusion of a series of amendments that reduce the negative impacts of the bill. 

Last week you sent more than a 1,000 emails to minister Leitch to tell her to vote against the bill.

Why not give her a call and tell her what you think of Blaine Calkins bill? You can find contact information here: 

You can also watch excerpts from the speech I made last week during the first hour of debate.

In solidarity,

Alexandre Boulerice

NDP MP for Rosemont - La Petite -Patrie

Official labour critic

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