What does the NDP propose?


Electoral reform has been a banner call of the NDP and its members for a long time. In our opinion, the system that would be fairest and best represent the electors’ choice must have some features of a proportional representation system. It is the only model that would ensure that all of the votes would be taken into account and that all citizens would be represented.

Among all of the models that exist, the NDP feels that a model based on mixed proportional system, like the one used in Scotland, New Zealand and Germany would be ideal for Canada. That system would allow citizens to directly elect the member in their riding, while being certain that the number of seats won by each party would by proportional to the percentage of the votes they obtained.

Electoral reform is not a partisan issue. The vitality of our democracy is at stake. Today we have the historic opportunity of reforming our democracy for the better, and we will fight for a fairer and more representative electoral system!

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