What is wrong with our electoral system?


One of the biggest weaknesses of our electoral system is that it does not represent the popular will. Since it is based on the “winner‑takes‑all” principle, a large number of votes are not converted into seats. For example, in the last election, over 9 million votes had no effect on the results as they were cast for losing candidates in each of the ridings in the country.


Another adverse effect of this system is that it regularly produces false majorities. A false majority occurs when a party receives a majority of seats in Parliament without having obtained a majority of the popular vote. Take the example of the Liberal Party in the last elections; it won 100% of the power with only 39.5% of the votes. Given those results, it is not surprising that many think this system is unfair. 


It goes without saying that our election system is poorly adapted to a multiparty, modern and diversified democracy, such as we have in Canada. That is why we need sweeping reform!

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