This is a trial version of the web site. We created this site to enable interractions between supporters of Alexandre Boulerice and to mobilise progressive minded people to defeat Stephen Harper in 2015. 

Some pages might contain mistakes, please tell us when you spot one. We are constantly working on the site and we will be rolling in new features as we go.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

Team Boulerice


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  • Please remove my name (Pierre-Luc Mercille) immediately from your web site. I can not believe that a political party ask people over the internet to give them money on my name when I am not involved with them at all and that I never gave my approval for such an activity.
  • Why are you indexing my Twitter account here (@flu9)? You are fools. I have and will NEVER support the NDP unless they change policy drastically towards a pro-life, conservative, Christian, anti-socialist, libertarian worldview. Abortion kills children and dehumanized us all. The NDP hates my faith and my traditional values and undermines the very fabric of what made Canada great. Shame on the NDP!
  • Looks very nice!!!

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