Stop service cuts at Canada Post

Instead of looking for ways to modernize operations, Canada Post and the Conservatives are taking an axe to long-treasured postal services – killing good jobs, eliminating home delivery, cutting rural post office hours and drastically increasing postage rates. 

6,000 to 8,000 workers will lose their jobs and five million households will lose home delivery over the next five years. Worse yet, no real consultation was done by Canada Post, effectively eliminating any opportunity for input from the people who will be most affected.

By cutting services, it is possible that Canada Post will drive away customers and raise the costs. Canada Post offers a public service that needs to be protected. 

I oppose the cuts to services recently announced by Canada Post

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  • Canada Post is in the buisness to serve the Canadian People not destroy services and cut jobs.
  • If we keep cutting jobs and eliminating staff one day we will all not have jobs.

    People need jobs to survive, take away the job and how do you servive.For every 4 jobs there will be 50, 60,70,+++wanting that job. Which means more people on welfare.
  • Sign the petition: Stop service cuts at #CanadaPost via @alexboulerice #NDP #CDNpoli
  • shame shame no forward thinking on how to improve revenues…just take the easy way out
  • Do

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