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Attacks against workers rights have been a current trend under the Conservative Government. After the sacking of employment insurance, the modifications to the temporary workers program, the restriction of the ability to organize and establish Trade Union, the Government attempted once again this week to limit the right to free collective bargaining. Labour Minister, Keillie Leitch, threatened Canadian Pacific Railway's workers with a back-to-work bill in order to stop the strike. 

Conservatives' economic strategy based on low-paying jobs and putting workers at the mercy of employers must be stop. The NDP will always stand with the workers and the middle class to defend their rights and decent work conditions. 

Join Alexandre Boulerice and the NDP to demand decent work conditions for every Canadians and the respect of the right to free collective bargaining.  

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  • Conductor ,Cprail, the company does not honour our current collective agreement, forcing us to grieve all issues , many issues have been taken to the Canadian industrial relations board, having won most , the company disregards ruling from board, the current government is not the least bit labour friendly, the

    Minister of labour is obviously favouring cprail with recent rulings and to say the least inaccurate and untrue comments, she is very unprofessional and uneducated with the current negotiations , well that or just lying to the public thinking we will sit back and not reply . The public needs to know the truth as there is another nightmare that will happen if things don’t change with the current workers rest and fatigue in the workplace which is everyone’s backyard and family, the workers families and the public are at serious risk . The minister of labour has sided with the company and the all mighty dollar safety is clearly not the governments priority , the ministers words were how much the company would lose and the impact on the Canadian economy if we were to strike , no words were spoken of our concern for safety and fatigue management , the main issue with cprail employees at this time , as well as the impact this could have on the Canadian public, god forbid another , Lac Magentic, current government, and minister of labour using force, threats and intimidation , on the union , the same as the company uses daily , we are fighting a losing battle , and the workers are going to pay with our lives as will the public , lives will be lost this I can guarantee, things need to change , although they won’t as the government is as corrupt as the company is, I have been with cp for 30 years and cannot believe how far we have came over the years in terms of safety and awareness, only to see it disappear in such a short time since The new regime of Hunter Harrison and company, with the support of the current minister of labour and Current Government , I have no faith and am seriously concerned for your safety and mine, again I will say people will needlessly die , for what , DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stand up for workers with Alexandre Boulerice and the NDP.
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