New Democrats stand with BC against Northern Gateway

After Conservatives approved Enbridge Northern Gateway today, New Democrats committed to helping British Columbians fight the Northern Gateway pipeline, and to protect BC’s communities and environment.

“The decision sets a dangerous precedent for resource development in this country,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. “Conservatives are telling Canadians that they will not be heard. Projects like Northern Gateway can happen anywhere, without consideration for First Nations rights, the environment, the risks or the will of the people. This decision is wrong for BC and for Canada. Allowing supertankers into the Douglas Channel would be madness and a spill would be catastrophic for the economy of the entire region. In 2015, an NDP government would set aside the approval of this project.”



From the beginning, New Democrats have stood with British Columbians, opposing Northern Gateway. For the 130 First Nations that oppose this project, the Conservatives’ decision is another slap in the face. After Conservatives gutted the environmental review process, New Democrats have been pushing for a proper assessment process that listens to Canadians and considers the full environmental, social, and economic impacts of projects. The way the Conservatives have mismanaged this process undermines public confidence in future development projects.

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